President Obama’s Cancer Moonshot

Posted by Admin · on Mar-8-2016

President Obama’s Cancer Moonshot

March 8, 2016 —— Back in January, in his State of the Union address, President Obama launched the “National Cancer Moonshot” a new initiative to cure cancer by the year 2020. Initially, I thought, “That is great news.” But then two more thoughts came to mind. First, he wants $1 billion to get the initiative started and that means this Republican—controlled Congress will have to approve that money and hand Obama a major victory at a time when GOP candidates are running hard against him.

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Two Mad Bakers

Posted by Admin · on Jan-26-2016

Baking Bread with Family

January 25, 2016 – We have just dug out from a historic snowstorm that blasted much of the east coast, including Maryland, where I live between Baltimore and Washington, DC. We were cooped up in the house from Friday night, when the snowing began, until Sunday morning, when the sun came out and there on display were mountains of snow that created beautiful artscapes across the countryside.

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A Sample from Baking Bread for the genius

Tasting a sample is a great way to decide if any food delicacy is something that you would like. So it occurs to me that an occasional sample of commentary and even recipes by Chef Brandon Cristiano might whet your appetite and encourage you to pick up Baking Bread for the GENIUS. So, from time to time, I will share some of Brandon’s to—the—point comments and even an occasional recipe here in this blog.

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Baking Bread for the Genius by the Genius Press

Yesterday’s mail brought our first letter from a reader of our new book, co—authored with Brandon Cristiano, chef and world adventurer extraordinaire. I’m thrilled at this response, especially because it comes from a retired literature professor who is a voracious, but discriminating reader.

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The Saleswoman and the Thief

Posted by Admin · on Dec-21-2015

The Saleswoman and the Thief, A Christmas Story

It was a week before Christmas and Jackie and I were at the mall doing some Christmas shopping. The mall was packed, people scurrying about going from store to store, carrying packages, shopping, laughing, generally having a great time.

I told Jackie to meet me in an hour at Macy’s lower level entrance, so I could shop for some gifts for her. So I wandered about, stopping in this store and that, looking at possible gifts for my beautiful wife.

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Money Talks

Posted by Admin · on Dec-17-2015

Shrimp Peeled by Slaves Commonly Consumed in U.S.

I saw an extremely disturbing story from the Associated Press this morning revealing what, apparently, is a common practice in Thailand: using forced slave labor to prepare shrimp for market, including supermarkets and restaurants in the U.S.

I’m a shrimp lover. It’s my go—to dish when I go out to dinner, and my absolute favorite is Shrimp Fra Diavolo, a delightfully spicy dish served with pasta – preferably, penne...

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Baking Bread for the GENIUS

Posted by Admin · on Dec-9-2015

Baking Bread for the GENIUS

The headline above is the title of a great new book that I’ve co—authored with Brandon Cristiano, chef and world adventurer extraordinaire.

After all, nothing beats the wonderful warm aroma of fresh bread baking, filling the house with a sense of comfort and contentment. Have you been wanting to bake bread at home but just haven’t done so? Or are you searching for new ideas, recipes from around the world, and techniques? Either way, Baking Bread for the GENIUS is your fun, down—to—earth guide to baking bread at home.

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Stubborn Stupidity

Posted by Admin · on Sep-2-2015

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

With the U.S. now spending nearly 18 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on health care, the Republican—controlled Congress has targeted for possible extinction the one federal agency whose sole purpose is to improve the health care system.Does that make sense?

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Political 'Junk'

Posted by Admin · on Aug-31-2015


Well, it seems that former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, now a Democratic candidate for President, did a little fancy dancing when he left the governor's mansion in Annapolis in January and made off with $62,000 worth of furnishings after the state declared them to be "junk, thus allowing the former gov to acquire them for $9,638.

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Checking Out Your Doc

Posted by Admin · on Aug-21-2015


If you need to go to a doctor and you don’t know whom to choose, there are credible and easy—to—use online tools that can help you make the right decision, or at least avoid making a bad one.

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